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The Best Dental Braces at Dandenong Dental Care

Teeth braces are tools in dental care that help correct crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth. They work by moving or straightening your teeth to improve their appearance and how they work. Braces exert pressure on your teeth for a period of time, making your jaws adapt and comply to the pressure.

With so many types of teeth braces, our orthodontist will recommend one depending on your age, and if you have an overbite or underbite. Getting braces is not painful but it may feel uncomfortable, especially the first few days after the initial installation. It takes one to two hours for the installation process to complete.

The pain of wearing dental braces may feel like soreness or throbbing, which may go away after a week. Also, after every adjustment by our experts, you may experience the soreness.

Signs You Need Teeth Braces

The following are signs that you may need to visit Dandenong Dental Care for orthodontic consultation or treatment.


Get Your Dental Braces from Our Clinic

The perfect way to know all the benefits of dental braces is by booking an appointment with Dandenong Dental Care so our experts can examine you. Our unmatched technology can show you whatever that in going on in your mouth, jaw and head structures. Our treatment options are fast, customized, and effective to meet your needs.

We offer different types of braces and treatment solutions for our patients’ needs. If you need to know the dental braces we have, you can reach out to us for more details. After getting your first braces, we will schedule regular visits to make sure we look after your braces, monitor your progress and check for any possible adjustments.

For your teeth braces to last the required period, we recommend that you avoid eating sticky, crunchy or hard foods. You should also floss most especially the areas surrounding your braces and brush twice a day.

Who We Are

We are a unique set of professionals ready to take care of your smile’s health. With the experience we have gained in our working years, we have improved our service menu to give you more than oral dental care. We are cautious about giving you a specialized and comfortable experience so you have the smile of your dreams.


We have same-day visits available along with late opening hours that work for busy schedules. Are you due for a dental visit? Contact us today to book an appointment for checkup and cleans Dandenong! We accept health funds and rebates can be claimed on the spot with HICAPS.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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